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happy birthday to my (forever young and beautiful) waifu nongu!

Thank you for being at my side since forever (from when I first started tumblr which was… forever /laughs). Thank you for being a perfect waifu even though I’m not at all worthy and not to mention have a perfect blog oh my god I feel so proud of having such a perfect waifu agshhkdhgdjd <3 Thank you for all these years for your love to me COUGHeventhoughwebothcheatoneachotherCOUGH and knowing you is really a blessing ((we are a match made in heaven <3)) ok I LOVE YOU A LOT OK I WANT TO FLY TO YOU RN AND HUG YOU AND MAYBE KISS YOU AND WE CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL BABIES (WHAT AM I SAYING OMG) AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN TOGETHER (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

you will forever be the ringo to my shouma (look forward to present part II - when I am less lazy okok)

Um about this present I planned for it to be a gif but it has too many colours so a lot of pixels (cries) so I made it a picture instead gomen ಥ_ಥ Sorry I really… ran out of creative ideas and I am not really a graphics person so sorry if this isn’t a quality present ಥ_ಥ (photoshop noob here)

Let me say happy birthday to you again and please (NO YOU MUST) have a wonderful quality time with your family/harem/friends and have lots of fun and more fun /feeds you lots of cake/ ILY <3333

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    WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOGETHER BBY~ We sort of started tumblr around the same time, I think? lol I’m not nearly as perfect...
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